Аt WIC, we are deploying IP based voice termination services across the Middle East and African Continent. Our diverse range of high-quality routes allow us to offer you the quality and stability you are looking for. Today, we are focusing on direct routes, in order to have the best prices in the market and have control over quality.


Since the SMS industry has been changing fast - WIC was also trying to adapt to the market needs and started providing SMS messaging for B2B and B2C markets to satisfy the majority of its partners operating worldwide. Due to the fast increasing business opportunities, the SMS department doubled in size in just 2 months.

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For almost a decade WIC has been one of our best and most reliable partners. Great attitude, great tech support that’s always there for you and of course quality routes. We've never any issues with payments and from their side we have a really professional account manager with whom can i speak freely, have fun and do the job in the right way. Voip needs more companies like that and i wish to all my partners to work with such companies like WIC.

George Uzunov

Sr. Manager Commercial & Business Development (Voice & SMS), Speedflow

We at Telebiz International have been in bilateral business relationship with WIC for numerous years now. We have found WIC a thoroughly professional team. It is rare to find such a combination of team who would always look for mutual wins, but WIC do it on every single occasion. Hence, we enjoy a great trust and an extraordinarily friendly ties with WIC - business therefore becomes an obvious success

Zaheer Abbas

Sr. Manager Commercial & Business Development (voice & SMS), Telebiz International/Multinet Pakistan

After many years of doing fruitful business with WIC, I can share a very positive experience. Reliability, friendly team, prompt action, are the main success factors of WIC.

Ibrahim Choueiry


We have been interconnected with WIC for already about 5 years and during that years we have achieved business heights together. They are a good partner to work with, offering quality routes and great support. Hope more amazing deals waiting us ahead.

Ervis Shehi

Destination Manager, INFO-Telecom SHPK
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About us

WIC is a wholesale and retail Telecommunication carrier, which provides International Voice Carrier services at the highest quality, based on advanced technological solutions, and with a team of international industry professionals.

In 2008 we became fascinated by the idea of connecting people all around the world and making it possible for them to stay in touch in every minute of time.

WIC has his own retail traffic originating from Callshops, Calling Cards and VauxTalk app. Having both, direct interconnections with Tier1 telecoms and in country terminations, we offer supreme quality routes to MENA, CIS and Asia regions.