5 Reasons to try SMS Marketing for your Business 

You’ve tried all of the trending marketing tools but still want to attract more customers to your business? You’re in the right place because we’re going to discuss why you should incorporate SMS marketing in your business growth strategy and what you can expect from it! 


The truth is that although SMS messages have been an inseparable part of our daily lives, we’ve been ignoring them lately since the rise of the internet and all the fancy communication platforms that came with it. However, today SMS marketing is underrated as the studies have shown that people still engage with SMS messages. They engage with them much more than with more traditional marketing tools. But let’s not run ahead of us. Here are the: 


Why SMS Marketing: 5 Reasons to Consider 


  • Highly Targeted 


One of the most common mistakes in marketing is to target a very broad audience in hope that the larger the audience is, the higher the chances are that you’ll get more customers interested in your proposals. However, the practice has shown that if you don’t narrow down your audience you waste your time and budget and end up with rather bad results. 


SMS marketing campaigns help you to avoid this. When you send SMS messages only to the customers who have already been opted in to receive those messages you create a highly targeted audience for your business. You can be sure that all of the people who get your offers are very interested in them. Plus, you can send all of your opted in customers SMS messages in a really easy way with the Bulk SMS using the mass texting tool.


  • Engaging 


Not only is your audience opted in to receive your messages, but you can also be sure that they are engaged with the content you send them. With text message marketing you can be sure that the offer you send to your customers won’t be lost inside their email spam box, as usually SMS inboxes are saved for the messages which are meant to be read as soon as possible.


In short, not only are your customers willing to receive your messages, but they are also almost guaranteed to read them no more than 3 minutes after the message is delivered. 


  • Quick and Simple 


Another reason SMS Marketing is so efficient is that SMS messages are short and easy to read. Unlike the email messages that are too promotional and too long to figure out, SMS messages don’t take any time from your customers as they are very concise and to the point. 


In addition to that, SMS marketing can also be fast and easy for you if you integrate the SMS API to your software and automate the creation and sending of SMS messages. 


  • Higher Conversion Rates 


Finally, SMS messages also guarantee a higher conversion rate to your company. The average conversion rate for SMS marketing campaigns is 8.22% which is way higher than the 1.73% conversion rate for email marketing. So if you want to get profit out of your marketing tools, SMS marketing should certainly be on your list. 


  • Affordability 


All that said, the last reason you should try text message marketing is because of its affordability. It is especially convenient for small businesses who do not want to waste too much budget on marketing tools but at the same time want to get the maximum efficiency from them. 


With all that said, if you want to get the most out of your business, consider trying the SMS marketing, and you’ll be surprised at how good the results can be.