SMS for Retail and E-commerce Businesses

No matter how big your business is, at this age, it is difficult to carry on your work without having an online presence. That is why even the smallest businesses decide to go with a website, more specifically an eCommerce to double their income and gain more customers through the Internet. 

If your business has an eCommerce, today we’ll talk about the reasons you should incorporate SMS texting into your marketing strategy. Although many eCommerce owners decide to go with email marketing or message their platforms through online shops, SMS actually stays a rather underrated and at the same time efficient method of reaching out and communicating with your customers. 

There are a lot of advantages of texting that you probably did not know. First of all, texting is quite ubiquitous. 92% of the world's population owns smartphones which means that you can message 92 % of all people! But this is not where the magic of sending SMS messages stops. In fact, SMS messaging is also proven to have a 98% open rate which is way higher than email or any other messaging method can provide.

 Plus,  90% of those who open your message open it within the first 3 minutes they receive it. This means that you can let your customers know about your urgent sales or events right away. So, if you want to share with your customers the news of your new product or offer them some life-time deals, SMS messaging will be the number one way to grab their attention, because you’ll be sure that they’ll see your message fast enough. 

Also, don’t forget about the tone of SMS messages. With email or even with Messenger and other messaging platforms you most of the time have to keep an artificial formality which in fact can push off your customers. With SMS the tone of your text messages is way more conversational. 

You can avoid the formalities of emails and don’t have to be too personal as you should in Messenger or WhatsApp. SMS messages are the best solution: short, quick, and to the point. Just tell them that they have 50% sales for the weekend and with this simple line, you’ll already gain a lot of traffic to your eCommerce by the end of the week.  

And finally, the last benefit of SMS messaging for eCommerce shops in our list is the efficiency. You know when you send an email to your customers or publish an announcement in your social media, sometimes you get an overwhelming amount of calls as people usually want to know more about the details or feel that your publication was a little vague.  

For some reason with SMS messages, you reduce the amount of customer calls up to 17%. This is mainly explained for the reason that replying to SMS messages in a written form is short and less time-consuming. Customers prefer to send back quick questions or responses to your SMS messages when they feel convenient for it. At the same time, you can respond to those messages in a timely manner, by providing a concise answer to your customers in no time. 

So as you can see SMS messaging is a pretty good method of communicating with your customers, although it is considered to be a more traditional manner, it is still proven that nothing is better than old and gold text messages. Be quick to enhance the traffic and revenue of your eCommerce by integrating SMS messaging into your marketing.