Yootelco: The story behind the brand

Our telecom company WIC was founded in 2008. We've been in the telecommunications business for over a decade

Arsen Hambardzumyan

CO Founder at Yootelco

How did the idea of creating Yootelco develop?

Our telecom company WIC was founded in 2008. We've been in the telecommunications business for over a decade, and we've partnered with many different companies across the world. We've gained experience in many different fields of telecommunications, including SMS and voice services. That is when we decided to start with Yootelco as a separate SMS marketing company.

Why did you decide to create an SMS platform, instead of another service?

As the worldwide economy grows, companies have a greater need to stay connected with their customers when sending marketing messages and OTPs. 

And with smartphones being an inevitable part of our lives, users are much more engaged with SMS rather than other forms of information such as email, billboards etc.

What expectations do you have for this platform in 5 years?

We have a goal of serving 1000 companies during our first year in business. After 5 years, we hope to become one of the world's leading companies in communications solutions.

Liana Poghosyan 

Director Of Operations Yootelco

1. Why Yootelco? What inspired the name?

When we start a new project, we announce a contest for the best naming in the company with a prize for the best suggestion. This time we followed that tradition and had several interesting ideas.

However, my thoughts and ideas were coming back to YOO, as we have one more project starting with YOO, as well as a group called YooTeams.

So I suggested making "YOO" our brand, and then we checked which endings for the domain were vacant. And voilà: YOO+Telco was available! And I think it sounds good!

2. What does this platform offer? What benefits does it have?

Our slogan itself says -customized texting for your users.

Yootelco offers a messaging platform for sending personalized messages to your contacts. It has an easy interface and no setup cost for sending unlimited messages via SMS, Viber, or Email. 

Yootelco also allows you to send Viber messages to SMS or Email messages to SMS. And one of the advanced analytical tools that lets you top up your account in seconds from the web.

One of the main benefits we offer our partners is the competitive and flexible pricing coupled with unprecedented quality.

3. How do WIC and Yootelco relate?

Yootelco is powered by WIC. Sharing the same shareholders, we are also the same company. At first we wanted to change the name of our company to Yootelco, but then decided to do it gradually as WIC is well known since 2007. So maybe in the future WIC will be renamed.

4. When did the project come to fruition, and what obstacles did it face?

Our team is still working on this project, and we're making it our top priority. 

Meanwhile we've been planning for almost a year, and the hardest part was technical organization and testing.

The hardest part was coming up with new ideas during testing and then changing them again. A whole team of developers was working on the creation and we hired a separate marketing team for Yootelco as well. We did everything from scratch: branding, planning, and realization. It was very motivating and fun!

Nicholas Rose

Co-Founder at Yootelco

As the founder of several successful business ventures, why start another company?

Once a business grows and a brand gains reputation, it’s natural for offers to come in from all directions.

I love the quote in Richard Branson’s book—“When you’re getting ready to juggle multiple businesses, you should be sure that you have enough hands to catch every ball.”

A decision to start Yootelco originated from two directions: the market and the team.