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If you have an eCommerce or any other type of business, you’ve probably wondered how you could reach out to all of your customers fast and easily whenever you need it. Here is where bulk SMS, one of the most popular types of SMS APIs comes to rescue. 

But first of all, let’s understand in more detail what bulk SMS is and why your business needs it to send and receive text messages.

What is Bulk SMS? 

In general bulk SMS is used for businesses that target larger audiences, to send SMS messages to all the clients at once. For instance, if you have an online cookie shop and you want to tell your clients that you have a special pumpkin cookie offer for Halloween, instead of manually typing and sending all the SMS messages, you use the bulk SMS system to instantly let all the customers know about it in no time. 

Here is in which spheres bulk SMS can be used to send short messages: 

Insurance and Finance

If you have new packages you want to introduce to your clients or promote your financial services, bulk SMS campaigns are a perfect solution. You can also use them to attract new customers and let them know about your company. 


If you’re an owner of a restaurant or a cafe and you want to tell your clients about a new dish or a special event, bulk SMS messages will be a quick solution. Your permanent clients will surely be happy to get a message from their favorite place and will be quick to check it out. 


Finally, you can also use bulk messages for educational institutions. They are a very helpful tool for telling your students how they did on their exams, updating them on enrolments, or sharing news about campus life. You can deliver the most important messages to teachers, parents, and students in just a few seconds in the most secure manner possible. 


Finally, as we’ve already mentioned, bulk messages are also very helpful for eCommerce shops. You can use this tool to tell your clients about special offers or let them know about the new products you’ve included in your online shop.

In general, bulk SMS messages are famous for the following features: 

  • Speed: Bulk SMS API allows you to reach thousands of customers with personalized messages very quickly and easily. 
  • CTR: With bulk SMS messages you can increase your click-through rate for up to 45% which will lead to an increase in your income! 
  • Reachability: If emails are easy to be ignored because they usually end up in the Promotion or Spam folders, SMS messages have a higher opening rate. It is proven that 90 % of SMS are being read within the first 3 minutes and almost everyone opens them. 

So, if you want to increase your income and keep better connections with your customers, use bulk SMS messaging to inform about all offers and updates quickly and efficiently and get your message directly to your clients!