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Beware that we’re about to break your heart. You know those free coupon SMSes you get from your favorite shops or the sales updates that come right into your mobile phone’s inbox. 

Well, although it felt like those messages were designed specifically for you you were no more special than hundreds of other customers of the shop. You were only a very small fraction of the mass texting audience, all of whom heard that they were the best and most beloved customer of the shop. 

Now that you know the truth, let’s understand what exactly mass text messaging is and how it helps large companies to easily send Bulk SMS-es( link to Bulk SMS article) to hundreds of customers in no time. 

What is Mass Texting?

As the name suggests, mass texting is used for sending text messages to a group of people at the same time. This is a popular strategy used in organizations of different types for bulk texting to their target audience. If sending an individual SMS message to all of the customers would take a bunch of time and effort, sending a mass text message improves the efficiency of communication and serves as a simple way to reach all of the customers at once. 

How to send a mass text? 

You can create a mass text using SMS API (link to SMS API article)  services. You need only three simple steps for easily sending mass texts. 

  1. Create your message 

For any SMS message creating the actual text message you’ll be sending is the first step and the same is true for the mass SMS. First of all, you need to think of a text message that you can send to the hundreds of people, so it cannot be something too individual, but at the same time shouldn’t be very general too, because you might lose your customers' attention. 

  1. Create a list 

Once you’ve decided what is going to be your text message, you should figure out whom you’re going to send that message to. You can build your texting list from scratch or you can use an existing list and then add new people to it as they start to opt-in. Keep in mind that you can send text messages only to those who have agreed to receive them from you. 

  1. Send a mass text 

Finally, once you have both the text message and the list of people you can send it to, you just need to send the message with the help of popular mass texting platforms. It is as easy as it sounds! You can either send your mass text immediately or schedule it and send it whenever it is more convenient for you. 

As you can see, mass texting is a pretty simple and effective way to reach out to a larger audience and can serve as the best solution for your business.

People usually doubt mass texting because they think it is illegal or too expensive, but the truth is that mass text messaging services will usually cost you pennies and they are entirely legal if the people have opted in to receive your messages.

 So without further ado, find yourself an efficient mass text messaging service and enjoy the results!