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Large companies or business owners always need to make sure they use only safe and secure services, especially when it comes to their internal or external communication. Here is when SMS Gateway comes to help. 

What is an SMS Gateway?

Essentially what SMS Gateway does is allows you to send and receive SMS messages from and to SMS devices with the help of a telecommunication network, which usually is the mobile phone. The SMS Gateway also helps to translate the messages sent to the recipient. Many SMS gateways also can make conversions of the media from email or other formats. 

To make it more simple, let’s take an example. When we send SMS messages our phones submit that text message to our mobile operator’s Short Message Service Center (SMSC). Then the SMSC figures out where the recipient of the message is and sends that SMS message to them. 

The SMSC is right in the core network of our operator and it can speak directly to other networks. As you can guess, this makes it a little insecure for large companies who need to send P2P messages (Peer-to-Peer messages) which contain personal information, secret codes, and other private information that should not be leaked. 

These companies do not want the mobile operating system to be connected directly to the company’s SMSC which is the most important part of their communication network. So they make use of SMS gateways that function as a mediator between the company’s SMSC and the external world. 

In short, big companies need SMS gateway support to make their communication more secure and safe. 

But let’s take a deeper look at: 

Why does your business need an SMS gateway? 

Other than security, there are many advantages your company can get if it chooses to send and receive SMS API (link here to SMS API article) messages with the SMS gateway. We’ll go through all of the advantages one by one. 


For your clients every second count. Your company must be able to send them SMS messages as fast as possible. SMS software makes this possible because creating and sending text messages is easy and quick. You can also send Bulk SMS (link here to Bulk SMS article)  to your customers in no time. 


For over 25 years, SMS is considered to be one of the most reliable methods of communication all over the world. Mobile and Email ads have to fight against spam and blockings, while SMS has the privilege of being the most direct and stable platform. 

Plus, SMS is also a more convenient form for two-way conversation, as email’s rate in text message responses is 8 times lower. 


Finally one of the most important reasons SMS is so efficient is its widespread accessibility. More than 5.1 billion people use mobile phones, which means all of them can receive SMS messages. Plus, because SMS text messages have a comparatively high open-rate, you can be sure, your message will reach all of your customers and will be read by most of them. 

Also, as popular messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat do not work in all of the countries, SMS gateway serves as the best solution for connection to a wider audience which is spread across the world. 

In short, a modern SMS gateway will allow your company to send SMS worldwide in a fast, accessible, and secure manner.