Wholesale Voice Carrier

Partnered with some of the largest Tier 1`s and specialist niche carriers around the world we offer our customers the best pricing quality for numerous directs in Asia, Middle East, East and North Africa and CIS. We combine over 15 years’ experience at the top of our industry and the expertise to provide our clients with ultimate reliability, connectivity and business continuity. Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) constantly monitors the state of our network, which again enables our organizational control mechanisms to react immediately to any disturbance there might be on the network. This is further proof of our high quality service. Do email us on: info@wicworldcom.com for our latest Standard and Premium rate sheets

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SMS Termination Solutions

Our carrier network delivers millions of messages every month., Mainly from bulk SMS of marketing campaigns and end mobile users web sms users, email2sms. Our business SMS network is built with multiple encryption layers and uses the top security and validation systems on the market—which gives your end customers peace of mind. In addition, we have interconnection to all mobile networks and other vendors DIDs may be eligible to receive or send SMS messages through our network.

SMS Termination
Callshop Platform

Our Complete Call Shop Packages are the perfect solution to your business’s growing concerns. We will install the administration software free of charge to the shop. To access the administration software, we will email you a login and password ( nothing to download, all online) Free Starter pack including FREE $$$ for test calls, customizable packages, promotional materials for display and much more !

Callshop Platform
Dialer Reseller Platform

Recurring Revenue – Sell your products to your customers and get recurring revenue each time they recharge or upgrade their services. No Upfront Investment Charges – You only pay for the minutes you need in your resale. VauxTalk provides all of the software, you’ll need to sell your services. Sell to PC and Mobile Users – Don’t limit yourself to one type of customer! Sell to PC and mobile users with our innovative products and solutions.

Dialer Reseller Platoform