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Imagine writing an email and getting it sent right into your receiver's mobile inbox, as a usual SMS. This is exactly what the Email to SMS service allows you to do. Why do you need a service like that? 

Well, if you want to contact your staff or bunch of customers at once, but are not sure that they all have access to the Internet connection at the moment, you can easily contact them all by making your email and SMS, which the chances are higher that they will notice. Why? Because SMS messages are proven to have a 98 % open rate which is way higher than the open rate of the email. 

But let’s understand better 

What Is an Email to SMS? 

To be short Email to SMS is a service that turns your email into a text message in a simple and time-saving manner. You just need to register in the software, write your email and then send that email to the software’s email address. 

That message will be converted automatically from email to a text message. One more advantage is that you can choose to direct all your SMS replies back to the email inbox, making it easier for you to notice and answer your customers or staff members. 

So the main goal is to be sure that your important messages do not get lost or spammed in the email inbox of your receivers. With SMS messages that are surely not to happen.  

General Rules 

  • Keep it short 

One important thing to keep in mind when trying to convert your email to SMS is that your email message should not be longer than 160 characters, or else it will be sent through the MMS (Multimedia Message Service.)

 If the person who’s going to receive the message does not have a message plan that will support the Multimedia Messaging, they will not even receive the message. So either make your email short or choose a carrier that offers the MMS gateway and send your message through it. 

  • Enjoy the privileges of email

Another reason people choose to send their SMS messages from email’s gateway is because it is proven that writing with the desktop’s keyboard is way faster than writing with your mobile phone. This means sending emergency texts will take less time. At the same time, you can be sure that the messages you’ve sent have no spelling or grammar mistakes, because all of them will automatically be corrected if you’re writing the text via your email.  

Plus, if there is a list of employees you can reach out only through emails, because you want to keep the formality, but at the same time want to reach others via SMS because you want them to get the emergency news faster, again sending the already existent email as an SMS with just one click can be pretty handy. 

To sum up, if you want to make sure that your messages are opened and read, you can turn your emails into text messages via email to SMS services. However, note that you should keep your texts short for them to be properly opened in your receivers’ mobile. In addition to that, emails have bunch of privileges that your SMS messages can benefit from, so this game is certainly a win-win. 

So don’t hesitate and make sure your customers never miss an important message with this super simple tool!